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The Event Manager Blog, one of our favorites, is always chock-full of useful information for those in the meeting and events industry. Julius Solaris definitely has his pulse on the needs of his peers. We thought we’d share with you his most recent post, Anatomy of an Effective Event Website.

In a nutshell, effective event websites:

  1. Contain all key information in one page
  2. Clearly displays Date and Venue details
  3. Have an obvious Call-to-Action button
  4. Use a responsive design to accommodate different devices
  5. Contain social media icons that clearly state how to interact with the event
  6. List performers, speakers and other notable guests that could serve as a draw to the event
  7. Outline the event schedule and agenda
  8. Showcase relevant photos or videos
  9. Spur excitement and anticipation with a Countdown Timer
  10. Feature a “latest news” section to keep guests abreast of any updates
  11. Provide a map to help guests navigate the event
  12. Encourage guests to contact organizers for feedback, questions or concerns

Got your own tips to add?

Full image and description here-> Event Technology Infographic
Courtesy of Event Manager Blog