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Regardless of the advances in technology, human contact still trumps high-tech when it comes to building relationships. Besides offering the advantage of being able to read non-verbal signals and providing immediate feedback, face to face is the only way to truly get to know someone.

As this infographic from Bizzabo illustrates, face to face meetings allow for:

  • Better communication
  • Use of body language and facial expressions
  • Real-time, instant reactions
  • Human contact
  • Expression of humor
  • Establishment of Trust

And while social media is thriving, so is the meeting and event planning industry, with job growth projected at 43.7%. Online interactions seem to fuel the need for real-life conversations, and facilitate ongoing communications. As my father likes to say, “You can’t email a smile, you can’t fax a handshake.” You can, however, use social media to keep in touch.


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