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This post comes courtesy of our friend, Louise M. Felsher, CMP, CMM, Freelance Event Producer/Co-owner of Treasure Island Wines. Post originally published in EventBrite.

Louise FelsherDespite being very practiced at packing for out of town events, I still agonize over the process. It’s a maniacal quest to take as little as possible and to compress things as much as possible. These two issues often result with me rolling my gala dress into a tube the size of a Wii controller. In the hopes of helping you pack for your next remote event, here are my five essential event-packing tips.

1. Embrace Space-Saving Technology

Instead of lugging your laptop around, opt for an iPad and a few substantial flash drives for use with on-site computers. These are some of my favorites.

2. Discover Items that Multitask 

If you have items that serve dual purposes, don’t even think about leaving them behind. For example, I sleep in Nike running tights for three reasons:

  1. I can stumble from bed right onto my running route at 5am
  2. I don’t need to pack pajamas
  3. I will be the least humiliated/best dressed guest in the event of a 2am hotel fire.

3. Say Yes to Over-The-Counter Essentials 

Assume you won’t have the time to find OTC needs in a foreign city. Plan ahead for allergies or random aches/pains by packing any drugs you might anticipate needing. Don’t let a small problem like the sniffles or watery eyes derail your entire event!

4. Blood Sugar Stabilizers Are Your Friend 

I sacrifice significant packing space for on site meltdown protection. Almonds or trail mix? An event planner’s best friend. Another great find are these brilliant low glycemic bars designed for diabetics. The mocha ones? Fantastic.

5. Don’t Forget Portable Absurdity 

Events can get stressful. The best remedy is always something ridiculous, even if it is simply a YouTube video bookmarked on your iPhone. For example, some of my event colleagues know I always bring my signature string cheese for impromptu sculptures and messaging/signage for our war room. We call this new font “Mots-erella”.

Anything you’d add to the list? Share your must-have items in the comments below!