Deciding a suitable venue for an event is critical to the overall success of the event, be it a large-scale dinner, graduation party, wedding, you name it. While this may initially seem like an overwhelming task, choosing an event venue is something which can actually be really fun(and challenging!) at the same time.


The following logistics should provide some perspective to choosing the perfect venue:

1. All roads lead toward Rome.

Once the date has been decided, it’s time to move on to location. Usually, a hotel is the most popular venue to hold a variety of different events; however, it’s definitely not the only option. Some food for thought:

  • Which three locations would be best suited for the theme of the event?
  • Based on convenience, where would the bulk of guests prefer to hold the event?
  • Something out of the ordinary: any unorthodox venues which would see a spike in RSVPs? 
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2. Review the facilities. 

Before contracting down any venue, review as much detail as you can about the event space. View detailed descriptions, check out the photos, or time permitting, conduct a site visit. How are the conditions of the utilities/amenities? Is the room capacity adequate? Is there nearby/convenient restroom access? Nearby medical access? What about noise distractions from neighboring joints? These are all things to consider when choosing a venue.

3. Explore all catering options. 

FroomzBlog: Food and Beverage MinimumsAnd now, the heart of any event – refreshments! While lights and decorations add flair and character to an event, likely the most impressionable and memorable aspect will be food, by far. With the capacity to make or break an event, I cannot stress the importance of selecting the right food and beverage for an event. Be sure to take care of the following:

  • On-site kitchen operation
  • Arrange a meeting with executive chef (if possible) to communicate food choice and preferences
  • Important: taste the menu yourself!
  • Do any of the guests have dietary restrictions?
  • Buffet or sit down menu?

4. VIP Guest treatment. 

A venue’s reputation for service is absolutely critical. This is the line which marks the difference between a good event and a spectacular one. The way a venue manages its facilities, staff, and clients will always be remembered.

5. Calculate your budget. 

_calculatorAnyone can plan a phenomenal event with an unlimited budget. Sadly, however, that isn’t the case.  But a great event is always possible with a reasonable budget.

  • Make sure the venue falls within a reasonable range within the budget.
  • Always allow some room for flexibility just in case expenses exceed the original plan.

Got more ideas to add to the list? We’d love to hear about them! And to get you started with site selection for your next event, view over 400 meeting and event spaces for rent on Froomz.