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The event-planning industry has rapidly changed through the years, with each party, wedding, and special event becoming more elaborate than the last. As event planners find new ways of mesmerizing their clients and guests, elaborate decorations, delicious food, grand performances, and innovative games have all become common ways to make an event memorable.

However, a great event need not be grand—the best way to make an event memorable for your guests is to plan the event around a common theme. Wow your guests with the following ideas:


No one can argue against the fact that food serves as the number one attraction for the majority of guests. Delicious entrees can add flavor to your party, no pun intended. From superhero or princess cupcakes for young birthday parties, to decorative colored icing matching with a bride’s wedding dress, to even a buffet reflecting a cuisine that the host’s want to highlight, food is a creative outlet to display the theme of your party.

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Decorations—the first thing that usually pops into mind when we think of planning around a theme. From spider webs and pumpkins for Halloween, to green-themed parties for St. Patrick’s Day, to hearts galore for the day of love, and more, decorations are probably the most commercialized products in party stores and beyond. But it doesn’t need to be Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or any other nationally-recognized holiday to make use of themed decorations. We have all probably heard of matching balloons, cutlery, streamers, etc., but we can take these common ideas to a whole new level with creative centerpieces, innovative dress codes, and more!

For some great ideas for DIY centerpieces, check out this Pinterest Board by Froomz.



And More:

Food and decorations are, of course, two of many ways to plan an event around a theme. Costumes, games, and party favors are some others things that can be utilized to add to a party’s theme.

Evite has an excellent resource for them ideas. Check them out here.

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