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As modern technology continues to develop, planning for an event has never been easier.  This week, Froomz presents to you five more free websites and smartphone apps that could help you when organizing and event, and even wrapping up after the event.

  1. Evite

Evite-screenshotIn the process of planning for an event, it is very important to know how many people will be attending. RSVP cards might be the traditional way to accept or decline an invitation; however, if you want to save on stamps, trees, and time, you can also try Evite. Evite is a free online invitation and event planning website with customized features which allow you to plan for an event that better suits your guest. Its features include:

  • Various invitation designs for any occasions that you can think of
  • Polls to find out what your guests like
  • Let guests select items to bring (perfect for potlucks)
  • Various reply options such as allowing guests to invite other people, setting maximum number of guests who can attend etc.

With Evite, you can now be notified instantly when guests reply; and put more time on event planning and less time on checking mailboxes for RSVPs.

2. The Knot

the-knot-screenshotWhether you are a professional wedding planner who wants to plan a perfect event for your client, a bride-to-be who wants to create a memorable wedding from scratch, or a gentleman who is in need of proposal ideas, you can be inspired by visiting The Knot. The Knot is a wedding planning website which provides you everything you need for a wedding, from buying a ring to choosing a wedding dress and deciding a wedding hairstyle. Its contents include:

  • Personalized Tools such as interactive checklist, budgeter, guests list etc.
  • Fashion Gallery
  • Various Wedding Style Ideas
  • Special Offers for members (free sign-up)

3. Bloodhound

bloodhoundBloodhound is a free mobile app for different types of events. It serves as an event directory and you can load up any trade shows or conferences and view the schedule, map, exhibitor profile etc. As the website states, “Bloodhound is a free mobile application for events such as trade shows and conferences that begins “where a directory leaves off”. We get the right people to the right places faster, helping them decide who to meet, what to do, and where to go.” This way, attendees can always navigate their way around an event! You can also sign in to LinkedIn and Facebook to see who else might be in attendance.

One important note for event planners out there who want more people to know about your event: you can add your event on their website free of charge and everyone can then view it!

4. DropEvent

DropEvent-screenshotAfter an event, guests and hosts often want to collect photos taken by others to cast back the memorable moments. However, this might be harder than you think because of the vast number of attendees, some of whom might not know each other. With DropEvent, a free photo-sharing website, you can create photo galleries that allow everyone at the event to upload photos in one place. Moreover, you can also choose to approve the photos before it is added to the gallery in order to prevent the awkward moment of seeing embarrassing photos of yourself in the album.

5. MakeSomeTime

MakeSomeTimeFor Event planners, it is crucial to manage time wisely in order to ensure the flow of the event. MakeSomeTime, an online time-tracking website can help you do that! You can simply add clients, projects and tasks to your list and you can then start tracking the time you have spent on every single task. At the end of the day, you can run a report and have an overview of the tasks and time spent on each task. With this free website, event planners can then evaluate how to allocate time to each task more efficiently to maximize the use of time!

I hope you would find these apps useful when planning for an event. And if you still need to find and rent that perfect meeting, party or event venue, check out over 400 listings on Froomz.

If anyone has some useful tips or apps that you want to share, feel free to leave a comment and share your experience below.