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Group of Young People at a Party Sitting on a Couch with ChampagneSpecial occasions call for special celebration.  The best part is, as the event planner, you decide the party atmosphere.  From formal and dressy, to casual and social, there are many ways to ensure your guests are having a great time.

For example, if you plan on having kids attend the party, have special and unique games that not only kids will enjoy, but also the adults. The Following are Sure To Entertain:

1. Treasure Hunt

If you have a large backyard, set out inexpensive, but cool items that people can find!  Your guests will surely love leaving with more stuff than they came with!

2. Specialized Balance Game

This is good for couples.  Run relay races by balancing eggs on spoons.  To make things interesting, ask people to “pseudo-run” instead of walk.  Lastly, try to have your guests spice up the game by balancing an orange on their guests.

3. Pictionary

This one’s a classic as it doesn’t need to be outdoors.  In case it happens to rain on your big day, just dust off the old whiteboard and get ready to play pictionary. People of all ages love to play, and the game never seems to get old.

4. An evening out

In the event of a more formal gathering, just turn your party into a social networking opportunity.  Provide your guests with a notepad, pen, or business card holders, put out some wine and cheese, and let people enjoy themselves with an evening with others on your patio.

Try one of these four, and your guests are sure to be entertained at your gathering.  Be sure to show off a couple classy wines and drinks for the wine aficionados!  If your guests bring children, maybe set up a game room with multiple board games and video games that will catch their attention.

Got your own unique party ideas? We’d love to hear about them! And if you need a party venue for an upcoming event, check out over 400 listings on Froomz.