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It’s that time of year again. Get ready to stuff the fridge with food and drink, and set up that nice large LCD television up in just the right position for viewing. With the Super Bowl coming up this Sunday, this is one occasion where a house party is in order. Subsequently, deciding who to put on the guest list and how to create the right atmosphere can be a challenge. This week’s article will describe how to set up and throw the ultimate Super Bowl house party; that’s right, read on!

making-a-listEven though it may seem as if everyone watches the Super Bowl, inviting every single friend out here is simply not feasible. The first plan of action should be to decide on the type of crowd to invite – invitations only to the hard-core die-hard football fans, or to those who aren’t as football-savvy? Or would a mix of both be ideal?

Superbowl-Party-SuppliesAs with any party, a setting without decorations makes for an incomplete Bowl bash. The key here is spirit. To comport the genuine feel of a bona fide football celebration, first start off by decorating the living room: hang streamers bearing team colors, banners of competing teams, Super Bowl paper plates, pom-poms, tablecloths, etc. Leave some NFL magazines on the coffee table, as well as a football lying around for good measure. Remember that this doesn’t all have to be done alone – enlist the help of a few friends if the task is too overwhelming!

Next, comes the heart of the event: grub. Parties are most remembered for the quality of the food provided, and while the decorations may be aesthetically football-esque, nobody will be pleased with sub-par food.


Concentrate first on the snacks – chips and salsa, along with nachos are a safe, standard, and healthy option. Tips for a great dip include mixing sour cream (sparingly, please), grated cheese, and salsa together; other great options include honey-roasted peanuts, almonds, chicken nuggets, hot dogs – basically anything that can be eaten by hand.

And if you would rather celebrate Super Bowl Sunday at a local pub and leaving the cleaning to someone else, check out this list of bars, clubs and lounges for rent on Froomz and browse over 400 listings for all other occasions. Cheers!

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