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Some say that “Event Planner” is the most challenging job in the world because of the tremendous tasks that they have to handle simultaneously. Therefore, here are some helpful websites and apps for professional and amateur event planners to alleviate your workload!

1)  Doodle

doodleHas there been a time that you struggle to schedule an event because everyone has different schedule? Doodle can help you to schedule an event faster! Three easy steps and you can find the best time to hold your event!

  • Create a poll for event time and send the link to potential participants
  • Participants choose their best time & date
  • Event Planner choose the  time when most people can come!

2)  Party & Event Planner Lite

event-planner-liteIt is hard to organize a memorable event without planning well ahead. This free SmartPhone app created by Julia Eysoldt is an all-in-one app that party planners will love. Its features include:

  • Guests list with category options
  • To-do list
  • Party countdown
  • Expense planner
  • Overview of tasks
  • Links to Facebook and Twitter etc.
  • Individual drinks calculator

With this app, party planners can manage everything in one place. And, it’s free!

3)  Evernote by Evernote

evernoteEvernote is a another free app that helps you manage files across all your devices. Capture ideas, images, thoughts, or record audio. You can view the documents and photos anytime, anywhere, using your smartphone, iPhone or iPad.

In addition, you can also use this app to take notes or record audio notes. This way, event planners’ brilliant event ideas won’t slip their minds and through the cracks. Cost: FREE.

4)  Check In Easy

Check-In-EasyOn the event day, one of the most important things is checking in guests. Created by Charity Happenings, this app eliminates the need of paper guests list. Available for your iPads, iPhones, Android devices and on the web, this app comes with 50 free guests and is perfect for private and corporate events. Moreover, it has a feature that tells you when important guests have arrived along with an interesting boarding pass feature that lets you send bar-codes to your guests. Of course, it includes a ticket scanner for quicker, more efficient check-in. It’s available on iTunes or on checkineasy.com. Cost: FREE for up to 50 guests

5)  The Seating Planner

TheSeatingPlannerIn planning large wedding and corporate dinners, seating has always been the most frustrating part of planning.  Don’t want to keep writing and erasing on the paper seating chart over and over again? Try “The Seating Planner”, an electronic seating chart created by Gobeey Labs that allows you to import your guests from Facebook and iPhone contacts. It is now easier to mark all the details of your guests and make all kinds of changes you want to your seating chart without a hassle. Available for iPhone and iPads. Cost: $0.99

I hope you would find these apps useful when planning for an event. And if you still need to find and rent that perfect meeting, party or event venue, check out over 400 listings Froomz.

If anyone has some useful tips or apps that you want to share, feel free to leave a comment and share your experience!