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Event-Fundraising | FroomzIs there such a thing as true altruism? Are there people  out there who give of their time, energy and possessions without expectation of any benefits? Personally speaking, I participate in fundraising and charitable events because spending time with the people involved makes me feel good, gives me a sense of belonging — not so much the cause.

Different people have different motivations. And according to Events360, there are five drivers of participation in fundraising events:

  1. Affinity to the non-profit organization – Books for the Barrios, American Red Cross, Seton Foundation
  2. Belief in the cause – cancer, diabetes, AIDs
  3. Relationship to other participants – co-workers, family and friends
  4. Interest in the type of activity – walks, marathons, galas, wine tasting
  5. Pressure or influence from a third party – company incentives, mandatory volunteer hours

In raising funds for your own cause, it helps to tap one or all of the drivers above and appeal to the different motivations. Check out the Infographic below for more interesting stats. And if you’re looking for venues to rent for your special events, look no further than Froomz!


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