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WineToast | FroomzBlogWith the holidays rolling around the corner, most of us seem to be in the mood for celebration. Whether it be gathering together as a family, spending time with a special someone, or partying it up with friends, picking the right venue for an event is extremely important.

In her article, event-planning expert Laura Vogel provides tips on how to go about planning an event “….even if you’re not an event planner.”

Vogel’s Event Planning Timeline:

  1. Get out that whiteboard and start strategizing! What is your ultimate goal for hosting this event? What message do you want your guests to leave with?
  2. Keep your budget in check by making a cost checklist.
  3. You will want to pick an appropriate venue for the type of guests you’re hosting. (Remember, Froomz has hundreds of venues to choose from!)
  4. Don’t forget to follow up on that invite!
  5. “Walk a mile” in your guests’ shoes. Take a moment to think of the event from their perspective.

To read the full article, visit: http://blog.eloqua.com/5-tips-for-event-planning/

And to start your search for the perfect venue for your holiday gathering, visit us today at Froomz.