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Last night, I spent several hours at an animal hospital because our guinea pig Snowy was suddenly ill. When another guinea pig died last year, it broke our girls’ hearts. So I was determined to find a vet that could see Snowy immediately. After relentlessly calling around, we finally found one that was open late.

Yan-Heim-CEO | FroomzBlogI can’t describe the joy and gratitude I felt when we left the animal hospital with some medicine and a good prognosis.  Although I never was a big fan of rodents, being able to put the ailing creature into capable hands and bringing comfort to the girls I deeply love is a huge accomplishment on this Thanksgiving eve.

I felt the urge to say Happy Thanksgiving and thank you to those who were working late hours so that others can enjoy peace and happiness.

On this traditional Thanksgiving Day, let’s have a toast for the joy of good health, the comfort and safety of our family and friends, the privilege of working with bright and tenacious individuals, and the courage to take on new challenges.

Wishing you all a great Thanksgiving Day!

Yan Froomz

Yan Heim