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There’s a fine line between persistence and pestering, and as sales professionals in the meeting and events industry, we need to understand when we’re about to cross that boundary. Without initial rapport, relationships will never have a chance to blossom.

A recent article in Meetings and Conventions Magazine enumerated the many ways meeting and event suppliers drive planners mad. Topping the list:

  •  They call. E-mails are all I respond to, and I don’t even pick up the phone anymore.
  • They only talk about themselves instead of finding out what I need.
  • They don’t do a bit of research on what we do/where we exhibit.
  • They get my name wrong.
  • They don’t take time to understand my company before calling

For a complete list, view the full article here.

Different people prefer different ways of communicating, and true sale pros know how best to reach their target customers, without making enemies out of them.

As Dale Carnegie says, “try honestly to see things from the other person’s point of view.” How would you feel about being interrupted by a sales pitch in the middle of your busy day?