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Relationships based on trust and transparency are built to last longer. And we are proud to announce that Froomz has a 100% opt-in relationship with each venue featured on its website, underscoring and guaranteeing the accuracy of the details we provide.

Introducing Froomz 1.0“Many other venue marketplaces simply grab what they find online and post it on their site as if it’s exclusive information,” said Christina Dunham, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Froomz. “Often, venue managers are unaware that the listings are posted without their knowledge or authorization, making the integrity of the information compromised. We have a direct relationship with the venue itself so as not to mislead event planners. No guessing games here!”

For event planners, accuracy and quality of information are imperative, as much time can be spent on researching and contacting each individual venue. Pricing, availability, and specific features of each venue change regularly, thus it is critical to have up-to-date details. Froomz enables apples to apples comparisons without the time consuming email and phone tag.

Christina Dunham & Yan Heim

Christina Dunham, VP of Marketing/Biz Dev and Yan Heim, CEO/Co-Founder of Froomz

“During a recent focus group discussion we led with local meeting and event planners, they mentioned how frustrating it was to find the perfect venue on online directories only to discover that the place had already gone out of business, or that the menus and banquet packages were from two years ago,” said Froomz CEO Yan Heim. “With Froomz, you can scan through all the available pricing packages, whether a simple room rental or food & beverage options, all of which are managed and updated by the venues themselves. If you are under time pressure, just choose an option and book it right at your fingertips. None of it is possible without the venue’s participation”.

Froomz Venue Growth - 2011-2012

Currently, Froomz features 359 meeting rooms, party venues and event spaces on its website, including the SS Jeremiah O’Brien, Julia Morgan Ballroom, Dogpatch Studios, and several art galleries in the SF Bay Area, with several hundreds more in the pipeline.

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