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La Bombilla Dinner Club | FroomzBlogOn August 18, I had the distinct privilege of participating in a pop-up dinner presented by La Bombilla Dinner Club featuring culinary creations by Chef Loren Crannel, thanks to my friend Kaye Cloutman, Editor-in-Chief of Gastronomique en Vogue Magazine.

Call them underground supperclubs or pop-up restaurants, there’s something about the exclusivity, elusiveness and secrecy of the scene that I find so compelling.

Pop-up dinners are often organized by local chefs  (that perhaps don’t have their own restaurants) or home cooks that love to entertain. They’re held at a variety of venues, ranging from private residences, galleries or art studios, to warehouses or office spaces, and sometimes even at other restaurants (on their closed nights). Menus range from the simple to the sublime, and guest lists are limited to 20 or less. One thing for sure, they’re always memorable.

Ramen with Foie Gras, Beef Pork Belly and Soft Boiled Egg | FroomzBlog

The evening’s highlight: Ramen with Foie Gras, Beef Pork Belly and Soft Boiled Egg

Our La Bombilla Dinner certainly was, which included dishes like Oyster Cream with Caviar, Cured Mangalitsa Lonzino, Butter Poached Prawns, Barely Cooked Salmon with Wasabi Foam, Lobster Tail with Uni, Short Rib Tempura with Miso Reduction, and the belle of the ball: Foie Gras Musubi.

The event was held at Pedro Point Creative, a multi-purpose event space with a fully licensed commercial kitchen, and a quaint venue just a stone’s throw away from Rockaway Beach in Pacifica.

With prices starting at $16/person, La Bombilla offers up delectable dinners at down to earth prices. To find out about future dinners, check out the La Bombilla website or follow Chef Loren on Twitter @GourmetDad or @LaBombillaDC.

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How La Bombilla Dinner Illuminated Our Evening – Gastronomique en Vogue