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Supervisor Malia Cohen on Froomz

“Your job is to be prepared and ready. People will take notice,” advised Supervisor Maila Cohen to the 200 plus attendees at the 2012 Women & Girls Leadership Summit.

First staged in 2010, the summit’s purpose is to empower young girls from underserved schools by exposing them to private and public sector women role models and to energize them about their own education.

Carl Guardino on Froomz

Carl Guardino, President/CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Carl Guardino, President/CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, spearheaded the initiative soon after adopting a Latina baby girl given from Ogden, Utah. Upon learning about the lack of educational achievement of many Latino youth, including the fact that three out of four Hispanic girls do not pass the minimum requirements to be eligible for college, Carl decided things needed to change.

Since its inception, the summit has focused on ethnically diverse but economically poor middle and high schools in the Bay Area, including Peter Burnett Academy in San Jose (with a 96% non-white population) and Cesar Chavez Academy in San Francisco. Past speakers and panelists have included Carly Fiorina (former CEO of HP), Laura Garcia-Cannon (NBC Bay Area News Anchor), Jackie Speier (US House of Representatives), Kamala Harris (Attorney General for the State of California), Jessica Aguirre (NBC Bay Area News Evening Anchor), and Mona Pasquil (Appointment Secretary for the State of California).

Heather Harde on Froomz

Heather Harde, Vice Chair of sf.citi and former CEO, TechCrunch

This year, the event was co-hosted by sf.citi and held at Metro Arts & Technology High School, high atop a hill in the Bayview/Hunter’s Point Neighborhood. Featured speakers included sf.citi Vice Chair and former TechCrunch CEO Heather Harde, SF City Supervisor Malia Cohen, Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White, AT&T Executive Loretta Walker, and Amgen Executive Dineli Wickramasinghe.

Froomz CEO and Co-Founder Yan Heim was among the tech sector panelists, which also included Heather Champ, VP of Community & Content at Pinwheel; Hadiyah Mujhid, Co-Founder of Picture.ly, Ellen Barker, VP of Comcast, and Shelley Doran, Senior VP at Webcor Builders. With the help of student representatives, Mary Huss, SF Business Times Publisher, served as moderator for the first session, while Vauhini Vara, Wall Street Journal Reporter, facilitated the second session.

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