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Meetings & Conventions Magazine on FroomzA recent study conducted by Meetings & Conventions Magazine and Business Travel indicated that more than half of companies do not have a designated meetings manager or meetings department. Often, the task of searching for venues, coordinating logistics, and managing the minutiae of meetings fall on the capable hands of admin, HR, sales and marketing staff.

The study, which draws from information provided by 295 respondents whose companies spent an average of $10.7 million on meetings in 2011, was the cover story in Meeting & Conventions Magazine’s June 2012 issue.

Other highlights of the article:

  • The Communications/Entertainment and Consulting/Accounting industries lead the pack in average corporate spending, at $15.6M and $15.4M each
  • 54% of respondents anticipate an increase in cost per attendee compared to last year
  • 44% indicated that their procurement department is involved in meeting planning
  • 27% of those polled indicated that their companies require the use of preferred meeting suppliers, and 20% require standard RFP’s.
  • Only a quarter of respondents stated that they have a centralized process for managing meetings, primarily because their companies are decentralized (40%), meeting planners are territorial (32%), there is lack of senior management support 922%) or there is insufficient employee resource (20%).
  • More than half (56%) stated that online meetings booking is in place in their organization, while roughly half (49%) of those polled indicated that they have pre-negotiated meetings facility contracts.
  • Asked whether they have a meetings manager or department, 34% indicated that they have a meetings manager and only 28% have a full-time meetings department.

To read the full article, visit Meetings & Conventions Magazine.