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Pam Guevara on FroomzWe are pleased to feature this week’s Event Planner, Pamela Guevara, Producer for Trick Entertainment and Risque Lounge San Francisco

What types of events do you like to plan?
I’ve  produced various types of events, parties, concerts, premieres and the like. I am, however,  most known for my club gigs promoting renowned DJs and artists, both local and international.

How did you get started in the party planning business?
When I first moved to the Bay Area in the 90s, I became a member of Via Manila, a prominent and still well-received entertainment group established back then. I went on my own in 2007, primarily producing smaller local concerts, then later moving on to throwing more sizable club gigs.

But my true “start” was at 15. It was at the garage of an old friend back in Manila with a makeshift sound setup. I invited schoolmates and other kids from my neighborhood and charged them enough to cover for the speakers I had rented.

What are your Top 5 Tips for Successful Event Planning?

  1. Be open to suggestions and new ideas. It is important to listen to what the people want. I attend a lot of parties myself and usually have a few comments by the end of the night. So I’d say constructive criticism should definitely be your friend. Guests that have fun are sure to come back.
  2. Personalize your invitation. Although blast invites and posts on Facebook have definitely done a lot to help make my ventures successful – spreading the word further and faster, I still like to personally call or message my loyal supporters. I treat them like I would any other guest at my (private) party. I want them to know just how delighted I’d be to have them over – mainly, just cause I really would be.
  3. Be a social butterfly at your event. I believe being part of the party is very important. And don’t let them see you stress! I feel that creating that good vibe and passing it along gets everyone to let loose and have fun – like a smile, it’s infectious.
  4. Thank your guests, both friends and new acquaintances. Besides the fact that it’s a good thing to acknowledge their presence, it’s common sense – they are, after all, the reason for your success.
  5. Last and most important, remember that great music is paramount! Next to good company, terrific music makes an awesome night!

What is your advice for anyone new entering the business?
Be committed to making people happy. That probably goes for just about any business you get into. As we all know, a happy customer is a repeat customer. Another, remember you’re only as good as your last event so take every one of them seriously. And of course, be as organized as possible, be on time, and don’t forget to have fun!

How can people find out more about you?
My facebook page, Trick Entertainment, and every saturday at Risque’ Lounge San Francisco. Check us out!

Any upcoming events you’d like to promote?
Check us out every Saturday night at Risque Lounge, starting with this weekend’s Cinco de Mayo celebration!

Risque Lounge on Froomz

 Risque Lounge on Froomz