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We are pleased to feature this week’s Event Planner, Barry Picazo, General Manager of Hana Zen Restaurant & Bar at Pier 39

Barry Picazo on FroomzWhat types of events do you like to plan?
I love to do Theme Parties. Events where people have a reason to prepare and get dressed for and simply just want to mingle and have fun..

How did you get started in the restaurant and event planning business?
Growing up, food was central to weekly Sunday celebrations at the Picazo household. With a successful restaurateur grandmother, the menu was always guaranteed to be elaborate during family gatherings. So attended a lot of parties and events and always had a grand time. I simply want to share that same feeling to other people, share my lifelong experiences.

What are your Top 5 Tips for Successful Event Planning?

  1. Create a Theme. People like to get dressed for a special event. Thius a theme party is always fun.
  2. Pick a good date. Preferably in the spring or summer. Make sure there are no conflicting other big events on that date.
  3. Always ask yourself, how can I make this party better than last year’s.
  4. Start teaser Ads on FaceBook and Twitter well in advance. Then create a cool Event Poster
  5. Create momentum and interest by offering incentives. For example, the first 100 guests to RSVP on the FB Events Page receive a FREE CD Mix.

What is your advice for anyone new entering the business?
Make sure you enjoy doing it. That you have the passion in creating a fun environment where people mingle, have fun and party !!!

How can people find out more about you?
On my Facebook Page! 

Any upcoming events you’d like to promote?
My Birthday Party at Hana Zen on Saturday, April 28. Everyone is invited 🙂

Barry_WhiteParty on Froomz