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Shawnell O'Shea Swimwear

In producing any event, working with a theme always helps with finessing the look and feel, and in putting just the right touch in all the little details. Whether it be a birthday party, a product launch or a fashion show, creating an overall experience involves touching all of the senses — sight, smell, sound. For Laly Designs and Blue Sky Studios, the theme started with a simple notion: celebrating the decades with art, fashion and music.

I’ll admit it, I was a little confused at first when we were told that this fashion show was about the Decades and how art & music influenced fashion. What mystified me was, “well, this is not new. What is the big deal?”Sitting on the front row of the Laly Fashion Show at Blue Sky Grid Studios I was surrounded by excited fashionistas, friends, artists, and photographers. The energy was contagious! So, I sort of let the theme that didn’t make sense to me drop.

Jordi Labanda-esque shot!

When Laura Moreno, producer extraordinaire and fashion designer, came on stage for her opening remarks about the last few decades of fashion, she made a great point about how iconic the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s have all been. We can take a look a Vogue or an Elle pictorial and pretty much guess, “oh, that’s circa….”

Fun skirt with lots of couture volume!

The first decade of this new millennium, however, has been less delineated. Instead, what we’ve had in the past 10 years is an amalgamation of all of the different past decades, fusions and juxtapositions of looks, styles, and references. It’s been a celebration of celebrating whatever you want to!

One could point out that the turbulent socio-economic climate has dictated a confused cultural expression, but on the other had it could also be said that it’s freedom. How many eras can you pull off heavy winged eye make-up and high-waisted pencil skirts for rock-a-billy look? Or, then wear chunky wedges with a floppy hat and white Jacki-O sunglasses for a glammed-up sun-goddess vibe on the same street and still feel modern?

Piat Orendain, Shauna Brandes, & Froomz VP of Sales & Marketing, Christina Dunham

Our world is so diverse and ideas because of the digital age are everywhere referencing so many time periods while making them relevant today. It’s inevitable that new looks inspired by the past are so proliferate. It’s inspiring and really interesting. It’s diverting and very fun to be a part of.