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This month’s Recommended Event is courtesy of Piat Orendain, Froomz Business Development Consultant.

Froomz Featured Event

Group/org name:  Wednesday Lunch Club

Vital stats:  Founded on March 30, 2011 with ~50 members and growing

Location: Palo Alto & Mountain View, CA

Guest profile:  A fun, young professionals group, late 20s-40s, from all industries that love to connect over great food.

Benefits to attendees:

  • This is an invitational-only group, so all the members are friends of friends.  It’s a wonderful format because the group meets every week at a different Palo Alto or Mountain View restaurant.  And, because it’s an invite-only group, every member already knows someone in the group and the atmosphere is convivial, relaxed, playful, and always engaging.
  • The group gets to try different spots for their weekly gathering, which means that members get to know the local food scene pretty well and most of them go back with other friends at other times. So, it’s an incredible vehicle for restaurant owners to get more business.  Even though it’s invitational only, getting invited is as easy as getting to know one of the members and asking to come to lunch.  Like me for instance!

Why I like to attend: I love to attend because the members are genuine and everyone is a great person you’d want to cultivate a friendship with.  So often networking groups become only about “networking.”  This group is friendship and food first, which is really conducive to better and stronger business ties as relationships mature.

Future dates/venues:  This Wednesday, Feb 8 at Cafe Taxim Istanbul Street Food, Palo Alto

Fun Fact: Each lunch is sponsored by a weekly letter, so each week members take group photos representing that letter.


WLC in Palo Alto, sponsored by the letter "O"