1. Go to www.Froomz.com
  2. Click on Sign In – Upper right hand corner of the screen.
  3. Click on Manage your Venue – upper right hand corner of the screen.
  4. Click on Edit Schedule/Prices under the Room Listings.
  5. Click on Edit under the Pricing Package.
  6. Scroll down the screen until you see Tax/Service Charge Type.
  7. Click on the appropriate radial button:
    1. Tax and Service Charge are Included
    2. This means that the costs of tax and service charge have already been incorporated into your pricing structure and no further action is needed.
    3. Tax and Service charge do not apply.
  8.         This means that you do not charge tax and/service charge to book your Venue.
            1. Apply X% Tax and Y% Service Charge.
  9.         This means that you will enter the applicable tax rate in the box provided. For     example: San Francisco is currently 8.5%, you would enter 8.5 in the box.
  10.    Enter the applicable service charge for your venue. For example, some Venue charge 22% on Food and Beverage, you would enter 22 in this box.
            1. Click on the Check box if your Venue charges tax on top of the Service Charge. Some Venues charge tax on their service charge as the Franchise Tax Board in California may require this. You should check with your accounting department to determine what the tax liabilities are in your area, and your current procedures.
  11. Click on the Submit button to Save your work.
  12. You will need to need to provide this information for each individual package that you have created.

Important Note: Service charge is only currently applicable to Food and Beverage, and will not be calculated on Amenities at this time.


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