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This is exactly why Froomz was born… to help venues fill open dates. Awesome tips about venues reaching out to charities. How about the hundreds of thousands of meet-ups happening every day?

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There is an article in Venues Todayby Dave Brooks on venues looking to fill dates.  They are looking to the community they live in to help.

Venues are in one place year round.  This means they have at least 365 dates to fill each year.  I said “at least” because they can book more then one event in a day.  As we are all painfully aware there are not a lot of live shows and events touring these days.  Most venues have sports teams that help to fill dates.  But a sports team doesn’t play year round and not everyday.  Everyday that a venue sits empty is lost revenue.  The buildings cost BIG bucks not only to build but to maintain. 

All of us in the live event industry need to get creative and fill the empty dates.  This is a perfect business opportunity for promoters big and small.  Come up…

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