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At Froomz, we find inspiration in everything we do, including reading posts, articles, blogs and books by people we admire. We thought we’d share them with you. This month, we begin a blog series on Recommended Reading written by our Froomz staff. Enjoy!

Title: Disrupters: Can their Creativity Win Big in the Business World

Author: Fast Company Staff

Summary: This is a short article on 10 creative archetypes based on some very successful and colorful characters that dared to buck the system, succeeding or failing, but ultimately making an impact by going with their gut and doing the unexpected.

Lesson Learned: During this time of year when we are all expected to start fresh and have some optimism about the coming year, this short article gave me an extra dose of motivation to keep being creative, do what feels right, and remember that fearing failure is worse than NOT trying out new ideas.

Final advice: A few of the quotes from Joichi Ito, MIT Director, or Tony Salvador, Intel Ethnographer, made me realize that everything really is about our personal perception. At the end of the day, business triumphs and trials are simply that. We have the choice and the power to alter our perception, to frame or re-frame our experiences. Being creative and daring takes practice and, funnily, doesn’t spring out of nowhere. More often it’s just the willingness to decide on the opportunity that no one else sees and doing something about it! Especially in the roller-coaster ride of running venues and events.

Find it here: http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/161/creative-business-people