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Here at Froomz, we LOVE attending events, participating in meet-ups, and mingling at  networking mixers. This month, we begin a new blog post series about events we think you should check out. So without further ado, here’s our very first Recommended Event!

Meetup Group NameDesigners + Geeks

Vital statsFormed in 2010, 1600+ members

Host name Joe Robinson

Froomz Attendee: Yan Heim | CEO-Co-Founder

Location San Francisco, California

Guest Profile: Designers, engineers, web devs, geeks, entrepreneurs and anyone that wants to leverage technology to make a difference. Members include a variety of interesting folks from some of San Francisco’s most interesting startups: Square, AirBnb, Dropbox, Path, Milk (creators of Oink) and others.

Benefit to attendees: In Joe’s own words “Have some beers, some snacks, and talk about what’s cool in the worlds of technology and design.  Network and meet people we might not have met otherwise.”

Why I’d personally like to attend: (enter Yan) There are quite a few geek meetups in the Bay Area. I like this one the most because they are an awesome, fun and creative bunch and are cool to hang out with.   Joe is a great and dedicated host. An example of this just happened recently, when there was a last minute venue change due to scheduling conflict. Joe personally waited for guests at the original venue to make sure they were informed about the updated location.

Future dates/venues:  The first meet-up of 2012 is happening this month. Venue TBD.  This group tries to meet every other week rotating in the form of Speaker Series and Social Mixer. Check out their website for more details:

To join this group, visit: sanfrancisco.designersandgeeks.com