While it seems strange to tell the User how help works, we thought it better than having you stumble around in the dark. So, you have reached the Froomz.com Help and you need to know how to get started. It is very easy:

  1. You have already logged on to froomzblog.com. Or you have accessed our Blog (Froomzblog.com) from the Froomz.com website by clicking on Blog or FAQs – Venue Seekers or FAQs – Venues.
  2. Click on Help Center at the top of the Froomz Blog Page.
  3. You have reached the landing page Index for Help.
  4. Here you will see a variety of topics to choose from. Click on the link for the topic that is appropriate.
  5. Here you will find specific areas of interest that will serve to help answer the questions that you are pondering. Click on the links that are most appropriate.

Note: Links are in Red. You will also be able to access step by step screen shots of the various areas of  Froomz.com by clicking on the Topic areas in the appropriate indexes. Once you have clicked on the Topic area, a PDF file will be accessed which you can use on screen or Print as needed.

As always, if you find that the answer that you seek has not been answered here, by all means, contact us at

PS: When we say answers that you seek, we can only answer those pertaining to Froomz.com, all the answers that you may seek will have to wait until we have expanded our selections for life. Happy Helping.