Venue Seekers have the ability to post reviews of their experiences at a particular Venue. These can be invaluable to the Venue Seeker in determining what type of experience that you may have to look forward to, and can help in the comparison of one venue to another, especially when two venues offer similar packages and amenities yet the decision between the two is difficult.

To Access Venue Reviews – Follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.froomz.com
  2. Select What? –  Utilize the drop down menu for – The Event Type that you are looking for.
  3. Select Where? – Utilize the drop down menu to select the location or region of the venue that you seek.
  4. Select When? – Click on the Calendar Date for your event.
  5. Click on Find to start the search for venues meeting your criteria.
  6. Locate a venue that meets your criteria from the search list.
  7. Click on Select for the Venue.
  8. Scroll Down the page to the tabbed section and Click on Reviews.

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