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Ho Ho Ho!  Merrrrrrrry Christmas!

It’s the Holiday Season and despite how crazy busy most people seem to be during this time of year, all of us want to connect somehow in a festive setting!  Holiday Mixers at local restaurants or lounges are an incredible way to mix ‘n’ mingle with friends and co-workers while still having time to shop or deal with end-of-the-year work loads.

Froomz at Laly Fashion Show Bubble Lounge

Piat Orendain, Froomz Biz Dev, with Laura Moreno, Laly Fashion Show Producer

Most Event planners or Organizers are challenged in that they often don’t know the full extent of their resources for where to have a fun and different event.   Being listed on the Froomz Marketplace as a Venue with Mixers is one fantastic and free way of letting people know that your Venue can be this year’s special Holiday Mixer Spot.

These types of events are quick and easy as they require less planning for both the Organizer and the Venue.  Mixers also offer Venues a chance to demonstrate to future banquet or private event clients how great your venue would be at handling events, big or small, and are an excellent way to fill your venue during the earlier part of the week when traffic might be slower.

So, If you’re a restaurant, bar, or lounge, and don’t offer this type of package already, you may be missing out on business and the possibility of promoting your venue for other type of events.

Creating your Mixer Package is easy and free on Froomz!  Design your Mixer Package today and get ready to serve your best holiday drink to a bunch of festive holiday go-ers!

Froomz at Laly Fashion Show

From Left: Christina Dunham, Jada Law, Kevin Roessler and Piat Orendain at Holiday Networking and Fashion Event produced by Laura Moreno at the Bubble Lounge SF