Depending upon the errors that you are encountering when you are trying to log on will determine what you will need to do.

  1. If you have entered your email address correctly and you enter your password and you are not able to sign in.
    1. Passwords are case sensitive. For example: your password is duck, and when you set up your password you entered it as duck, but when you enter it now the Cap lock key on your computer is on and it is being entered as DUCK, then you will get an error showing That email and password combination is invalid. You didn’t enter the wrong password; you just entered it in a manner inconsistent with the manner it was originally set up.
  2. You have tried all of the combinations that you can think of for your password and you still cannot get it. The next step would be to reset your password. Follow these steps to reset your password:
  3. Changing or resetting your password is similar to having forgotten your password. Follow the steps below to change your password:
  1. If you wish to change or reset your password
  2. Click on – Forgot Your Password?
  3. Enter your email address – In the designated space. Note: The email to reset your password must be the email that you utilized to set up your Froomz account.
  4. Click on – Submit.
  5. An Email will be sent to you email address.
  6. Click on – here.
  7. You will return to the Froomz site where you will  need to answer your security question that you designated when you signed up for Froomz.

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