These are the terms and conditions in which the Venue Seeker will be subject to in order to book your venue. Froomz.com has provided Venues with the ability to utilize their own terms and conditions by either typing in or copying and pasting, or uploading a PDF document. Additionally, Froomz.com has worked with our lawyers to draft a very comprehensive terms and conditions policy that Venues may wish to utilize.
To Access the Terms and Conditions – Follow these steps:
  1. At the Homepage – www.froomz.com or Any Page – Click on Manage your Venue – in the upper right hand.
  2. Locate the location that you would like to edit or change.
  3. Click on Edit Basic Information.
  4. Scroll Down to:  Terms.
  5. Click on the radial button – Upload a PDF. Click on Upload a new terms document.
  6. When the new window pops up, use the Browse button to locate the specific document on your computer. Hit the Upload key. Note:  wait for the confirmation message “Your Terms document has been successfully updated”.
  7. Click on Close this Window.
  8. By selecting the radial button Enter Own Text you can also copy and paste a document into the field. Note: the document’s length has no limitations.

Note: Make sure to hit the Submit button once you have made the appropriate changes otherwise the information will not be saved.

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