If my expected attendees exceeds the maximum capacity, can I still book the venue?

Technically, you can book the venue, but we suggest that you find a venue that is more suitable to your needs. There really is nothing worse than booking a venue that is not going to suit your needs, and not only are you going to end up unhappy, but the venue that you have booked will also be very unhappy. There are lots of options available, and lots of venues that will suit your needs and provide you with the event that you envision.

When I book on Froomz, is this going to show me the entire cost of the event, or will there be hidden charges?

We encourage the venues that list on Froomz to provide their potential clients as complete a picture as possible for the costs related to the the events that are being booked on Froomz. At this time, Froomz does not calculate the cost of service charge and tax, so these items are not included in the calculated total prior to booking. The majority of venues charge a service charge of anywhere between 18-21% of the food and beverage costs, and tax in most areas of the Bay Area which Froomz currently encompasses charge 8.5% tax. Please also be aware that service charge associated with food and beverage is subject to the applicable sales tax for the county in which you are booking. We suggest that you do a couple of things upon booking an event.

  1. Calculate the service charge and tax on any food and beverage and keep that total in mind when booking a venue. This cost can add up quickly.
  2. In the notes section for booking your event, voice your concerns to the venue about any possible additional charges that may be applicable that have not been outlined.

I am uncomfortable about giving my credit card number to a website, what can I do?

Unfortunately, the only way to pay for a booking on Froomz is to utilize a credit card. While we recognize that there are avenues for fraud in the World Wide Web, Froomz takes great care to ensure that your credit card information is secure and have built firewalls on our server to ensure your security.