Think of this as your central hub where venue operators will have the ability to manage all aspects of what the end user will see such as room information, pricing information, developing the amenities particular to your venue. Additionally, you will be able to manage your calendar, upload pictures, and increase your exposure through specialized pricing packages.

Here you will have the ability to edit or change information for a specific room within your venue. This screen dictates the parameters for the particular room and what your potential client will see when they view your listing. We encourage you to provide as complete a listing as possible so as to enable your potential client to gather as much information about your venue as desired.

In this screen, you will be able to select whether this listing is a tentative listing, and Instant Booking or whether your request and RFP from the potential client.  Additionally, you will have the following functional capacity:

  • Set the square footage for the room.
  • Set the minimum and maximum notice in which your venue can be booked or minimum lead time and the maximum advance booking.
  • Set the setup time required and the clean up time required.
  • Denote the amount of cleaning deposit required if applicable.
  • Set the room options configuration such as:
  1. Private
  2. Shared
  3. Partitioned
  4. Outdoor
  •  Denote the Room Configurations and set the maximum capacity for each type of set up.
  1. Banquet
  2. Boardroom
  3. Classroom
  4. Hollow Space
  5. Outdoor
  6. Reception
  7. Theater
  8. U-Shape
  9. Workspace
  • Describe the listing or room detail for potential clients.
  • Upload the terms and conditions that potential clients will  be subject upon booking your space.
  • Set the Cancellation Policy for your listing or room.
  • Denote whether additional insurance is required.
  • Describe the terms and conditions for additional             insurance requirements if applicable.
  • Select the search parameters for the type of venue that             your listing or room will fall under.
  1. This is where you will select a number of search parameters by which potential clients will be able to search for your venue.  For example: If one of your             search parameters that you want clients to find you             because you are a restaurant, then you would select Restaurants under the search parameters.
    1. Note: You can select as many search parameters as you desire which best fits the type of venue you have. Selecting search parameters that does not fit your venues specifications can lead to unwanted requests from potential clients.