Important Note: Information in the Listing Assistant is saved only upon completing a page or screen view. In the event that you need to leave the listing assistant, please remember to complete the page and click on Next to advance to the next screen. Upon return, all information that has been previously entered and saved will be available.

  1. At the Homepage – www.froomz.com or Any Page – Click on Manage your Venue – in the upper right hand.
  2. Click on Listing Assistant – lower left hand corner of screen. You will need the following to get started:

The Listing Assistant will walk you through the listing process, including adding your venue location, adding listings, and creating a calendar of bookings.

Before you get started, please have the following information available:

  1. Complete address and contact information for venue
  2. Names, descriptions, and photos of your room/spaces for rent
  3. Available room configurations and capacities
  4. Terms of use and cancellation policy (or use the FROOMZ default terms) Available pricing packages. Including amenities.
  5. Click on Continue.
  6. Enter information into the following fields: – You will have the option of using previously entered company information.
    1. Venue Name
    2. Venue Address
    3. Venue City
    4. Venue State
    5. Venue Zip
    6. Primary Contact Name
    7. Primary Contact Email
    8. Primary Contact Phone
    9. Primary Contact Mobile

i.     The mobile number is asked for so that you may get text messages to notify you when a potential client has contacted you.

  1. Alternate Contact Name
  2. Alternate Contact Email
  3. Alternate Contact Phone
  4. Alternate Contact Mobile
  5. Utilize the check box beside the parking options available at your venue.
  6. Click on Continue.
  7. Enter the Room Name.
  8. Click on the radial button for Tentative Booking or Instant Booking or Request RFP.
    1. Tentative Bookings – the calendar is blocked for the time of the tentative booking and the venue operator has 48 hours to respond to the client request.
    2. Instant Booking – The event is confirmed at the time of booking and deposits are secured.
    3. Request RFP – The client provides information about their event and the venue operator has 48 hours to respond to the request.
  9. Enter the Square Footage for the Room.
  10. Utilize the drop down menu to select Min. Notice Required.
    1. This is the shortest length of time in which a person can book the room. Typically, venues select a minimum of 3 days lead time.
  11. Utilize the drop down menu to select Advanced Booking up to.
    1. This is the maximum advance notice that a venue can be booked. Typically, venues select a maximum of 1 month.
  12. Utilize the drop down menu to select – Setup Time (Will be padded to the beginning of a booking, but not billed for)
  13. Utilize the drop down menu to select – Cleanup Time (Will be padded to the end of a booking, but not billed for)
  14. Enter the Cleaning Deposit  – in the field provided (Collected directly by the venue at the event), if applicable.
  15. Click on the radial button for Private or Shared or Partitioned or Outdoor.
    1. This provides the client with the parameters of the room or listing.
  16. Set up the room configurations – Click on the check boxes beside all of the room configurations that apply. Enter the maximum capacity for each room configuration.
    1.   Banquet
    2. Boardroom
    3. Classroom
    4. Hollow Square
    5. Outdoor
    6. Reception
    7. Theater
    8. U-Shape
    9. Workspace
  17. Enter a Descriptionfor the Room.
    1. The room description should be as detailed as you can make it to provide as much information to your potential client as possible. Include items such as the décor, if there is a view, classical distinguishing features. This is your opportunity to make your venue shine.
  18. Select the Terms for your venue.
    1. Terms are the terms and conditions in which your potential client must adhere to in order to rent your venue. There are three options in which to provide this information.

i.     Upload your own PDF agreement.

  1. Click on the radial button Upload PDF.
  2. Click on Upload a new terms document.
  3. Click on Browse – Select the PDF file detailing your terms.
  4. Click on Upload – You will receive a confirmation message when the terms have been successfully uploaded.

ii.     Or Click on Default Terms – This will utilize Froomz’s default terms and conditions document which has been developed by our attorneys.

iii.     Or Click on Enter your Own Text.

  1. Here you can either type out your own terms or copy and paste your terms into the field provided.
  2. Click on the radial button to describe your cancellation policy.
    1. Flexible
    2. Moderate
    3. Strict Super
    4. Strict
    5. Custom (ViewPolicies)

i.     Enables you to provide greater detail about your cancellation policy, or to copy and paste your cancellation policy into the space provided.

  1. Click on the radial button for Yes or No for Is the renter required to provide insurance?
  2. If additional insurance is required – Enter the details of your insurance requirements in the fields provided.
  3.  Click on the check boxes that best fits your Venue Type.
    1. There are a multiple of different categories for venues available on Froomz. We suggest that you utilize the ones that best fit your venue for this will determine how you come up in searches of potential clients. Providing to many varied Venue Types that do not fit your venue will lead to coming up in searches that may not fit potential clients’ criteria for a venue.
  4. Click on Continue.
  5. Add Scheduling and Pricing Information.

Please create your schedule and pricing structure.

You can have one or more seasons. Different seasons allow you to define completely different pricing structures and availability for different times of the year. An example might be a holiday season from Nov. to Jan in which you have different packages and prices.

We’ve created a default ‘All Year’ season for you, but if you need to create more seasons you can remove or edit this default entry.

Once you’ve got your season, you can add packages. Packages can be simple daily / hourly rates or fully customized events for your customers.

  1. Refer to one of the following help sections on how to do this:

i.     How do I Create Pricing based upon an Hourly Rate?

ii.     How do I Create Pricing based upon Attendance?

iii.     How do I Create Pricing based upon Daily Rate?

iv.     How do I Create Pricing based upon Attendance and Hours?

v.     How do I Create Pricing based upon Food and Beverage Minimums?

  1. Click on Continue.
  2.  Upload Photos to showcase your Venue.
    1. You can select up to five photos to upload.
    2. Photos should be of good quality.
    3. Photos should be oriented in Landscape mode

i.     Reads right to left vs. up and down.

  1. Enter the Name for the photo to be uploaded.
  2. Click on Browse – locate the file to upload on your computer and double click on the file. The file name and path will show in the field beside the Browse button.
  3. Only JPEG or Giff files have the capacity to be uploaded.
  4. Click Upload – The file will be uploaded.
  5. Click Continue once you are finished uploading all your files.
  6. Add Amenities – These are additional items that your venue may provide either gratis or for a fee.  Click on the check boxes for all those that are available at your venue. The default value is Separate Charge.  Enter the price per item. Select from the down menu if it is charged by the Hour, by the Event or by the Attendee. The current list are:
    1. Built-In Screen
    2. Catering kitchen
    3. Computer Access
    4. Dance Floor
    5. Easels
    6. Flipchart & Markers
    7. Folding Screen
    8. LCD/Overhead Projector
    9. Linen Service
    10. Microphones
    11. Network Connection
    12. Phone Access
    13. Podium/Lectern
    14. Stage
    15. Tables and chairs
    16. TV/DVD Player
    17. Video conferencing
    18. White Board
    19. Wireless Internet                     
    20. Custom Items

i.     Here you will have the ability to create your own amenities not covered by Froomz’s extensive list. Here you can add items such as:

  1. Hors d’ouevres per head
  2. Alcohol per head
  3. Additional Food items per head or event.
  4. Update your Calendar
    1. Here you can show the bookings that you have already captured from existing clients. This function is extremely important in keeping the Froomz calendar up to date so that potential clients have the ability to see your availability.

i.     The Froomz calendar will eventually sync with your current calendar, this process improvement is in the works and should be up and running in the near future.

  1. Click on Continue.
  2. Preview your Listing.
    1. If you are satisfied with your listing
  3. Post your Listing.
    1. If you were not satisfied with your listing and wish to make changes to it.
    2. Go to Manage your Venue and select the listing to Edit.