There may be several reasons why you are not receiving emails from Froomz.com.

1. The email has been deposited in your Spam folder. Please check this folder to ensure that it is not labeled Spam, and change the settings for Froomz.com emails.

2. Your email service provider has determined that Froomz.com emails are Spam, and you may need to change the settings at your email server.

3. Pressing the send/receive button in your email program can delay the delivery of Froomz.com emails. It should typically take 1-2 minutes to receive an email or based upon your send/receive settings may take longer. We request some patience in receipt of your email, but if all else fails. Go to step 4.

4. We goofed, and we are having problems with our email. You should contact support@froomz.com and let us know the issue.