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Find-and-book-venues-online-with-FroomzTake charge of your bookings with Froomz! You decide when and how bookings take place. Select options for immediate booking, tentative reservation, request for quote, or all of the above. Final approval on reservations and bookings will always rest with you.

Save time by automating your inquiry and reservation process through the Froomz.com marketplace or directly from your website. By enabling customers to book and pay online 24/7, you can capture more business day or night, increasing potential rental revenue. Set up your listing for:

Tentative Bookings:

The venue client will have the ability to tentatively book a venue space, whereby, the venue will have 48 hours to respond to the booking request. The venue will either accept or decline the request for the tentative booking to turn it into a confirmed booking. In the event that the venue does not respond to the booking request, the tentative booking will be null and void.

Instant Bookings:

This type of booking enables the venue client to secure the venue at the time of booking, or in real time. Instant Bookings are based upon free space information provided by the venue through the management of the on line calendar. These types of bookings are confirmed automatically, so it is important that the venue’s calendar is accurately updated so as to avoid any double bookings.

RFP Booking: 

This type of booking, or request, is based upon the venue client requesting information regarding pricing, availability and other defined parameters from the venue. This type of request does not call for the blocking off of the calendar at the time of request. It only provides for the venue to answer the request of the venue client and to work with providing them with a quote for the parameters that are outlined. The venue and the venue client can work out the details of the requested proposal. The venue should respond to any RFP within a 48 hour period of the request.

To Access the Booking Type – Follow these steps:
  1. Sign In to your account and click on Manage your Venue
  2. Locate the listing that you would like to edit or change.
  3. Click on Edit Basic Information.
  4. Scroll down the page to Booking Type.
  5. Click on the Appropriate Radial Button for the Booking Type.
  6. Click on Submit to save your work.

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