Upon establishing the base/minimum price, and the number of people who are included in that price, you will need to establish the cost per person above any people included in the base/minimum price in order to provide the cost per person. For example, if the base/minimum price is $1500.00 and this cost includes 10 people where the price per person translates to $150.00 per person, $1500.00/10 = $150.00 pp. Then the cost per person per hour cost would be $150.00 translating to the price per head. In the event that the base/minimum price is higher than the price per head, then the dollar per head would be included in this field. For example, the base/minimum price is $1500.00 and this includes 10 people, but the price per head above this number is $100.00, then enter $100.00 in the field.