This refers to the cost per person attending an event above the number of people that are included in the attendees included in the Base/Minimum price. For example, if the Base/Minimum price for the room is $1500.00 and the menu price is $100.00, the Base/Minimum price includes 15 people. But the number of people who will be attending the event will be 30, then the Per attendee cost above any included in the base minimum price would be $100.00 per attendee. This is essentially the cost per person in which the menu price suggests. Additionally, for those venues where there is a Base/Minimum price of $1500.00 and the number of attendees included in this price is $100.00 then the per attendee cost above any included in the base price would be $15.00.   To access the Per Attendee Cost Above  for a particular pricing package – follow these steps:

  1. At the Homepage – www.froomz.com or Any Page – Click on Manage your Venue – in the upper right hand.
  2. Click on Edit Schedule/Prices
  3. Click on Edit to the right of the screen next to the package that you wish to Edit.
  4. Scroll Down to Package and click on the radial button.
  5. Click on the Radial button for either Attendance or Attendance and Hours.
  6. Enter the Per Attendee Cost Above what the Base/Minimum price includes. This is the price per head for food and beverage.
  7. Click the Submit Button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.