Amenities are additional items that your venue may provide clients either on a cost or no-cost basis. Within the Amenities screen, the venue operator will have the ability to select the various Amenities that are available at their facility and to denote the appropriate charges for use of these Amenities.  You will have the ability to select whether there is a separate charge for each Amenity, and whether it is included in the cost of the rental of the listing or room. Additionally, you will be able to price the Amenity in several different ways: by the hour, by the attendee or by the event. For example: If you facility charges separately for a dance floor, you would denote the price of the dance floor, and denote that it is priced per the event.

Froomz has compiled an extensive list of Amenities that may pertain to specific venues, but we have also developed a feature whereby the venue operator will have the ability to create additional Amenities or pricing items that are not covered in the current pricing packages or which are specific to your particular venue. The current lists of Amenities are as follows:

Built-In Screen

Catering kitchen

Computer Access

Dance Floor


 Flipchart & Markers

 Folding Screen

 LCD/Overhead Projector

 Linen Service


 Network Connection

 Phone Access



 Tables and chairs

 TV/DVD Player

 Video conferencing

 White Board

 Wireless Internet

Custom Items – These are items that you can create for your specific venue. You can create as many custom items as you desire.