Hourly Rates – Price venue rental by the hour. This is a straightforward rental of your venue where the amount of people attending does not affect the rental price. 

  1. At the Homepage – www.froomz.com or Any Page – Click on Manage your Venue – in the upper right hand.
  2. Click on the Listing Assistant in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Read the instructions for what you will need to get started. The Listing Assistant will walk you through the listing process, including adding your venue location, adding listings, and creating a calendar of bookings.

Before you get started, please have the following information available:

  1. Complete address and contact information for venue
  2. Names, descriptions, and photos of your room/spaces for rent
  3. Available room configurations and capacities.
  4. Terms of use and cancellation policy (or use the FROOMZ default terms) Available pricing packages. Including amenities
  5. Click on Continue.
  6. If this is the first time that you are creating a package, you will need to fill out some preliminary information about your venue including
    1. The Venue Name
    2. The Venue Address
    3. The Venue Contact
    4. The Venue Contact Phone Number
    5. The Venue Contact Cell Phone Number – This is to enable text alerts when you receive inquiries from potential clients.
    6. The Venue Contact Email Address
    7. Alternate Contact
    8. Alternate Phone Number
    9. Alternate Email Address
    10. Information regarding parking at your venue. Click on the appropriate check boxes.
  7. Click on Continue. – Refer to How do I create a pricing package – Using the Listing Assistant – First Time?
  8. If you have already enter information regarding your venue and created a previous pricing package, you can Select the appropriate Venue that you wish to create a pricing package for a particular listing.
  9. Enter the package Name.
  10. Enter the pricing package Description. You should provide as much detail as you can in order to make it easier for your potential client to know and understand the parameters of the package and how it will best suit their needs.
  11. Click on the check boxes for which this pricing package pertains. For example, some pricing may only be good for certain days of the week, while other days of the week are at a higher or lower cost and another pricing package deals with these days.
  12. Click the radial button for Hourly Rates.
  13. Click on Add a new time slot.  Time slots refer to when a package is available during the day. For example, if the venue is pricing a package for breakfast, breakfast may only be served between 8:00 am – 10:00 am, so the time slot for this package would be set at these times. If a package is available for the entire day such as 8:00 am – 11:00 pm, then this would be the time slot that should be chosen.
  14. Enter the Base/Minimum priceThe Base/Minimum price refers to the base cost in which the client must pay to book the venue. For example, if a venue is selling food and beverage in a particular room or listing and the food and beverage minimum for this room is $1500.00, then $1500.00 would be what would be entered in this field. Additionally, if a venue does not have food and beverage but requires a minimum cost to rent out the facility, and that facility rents for $1500.00 as the base/minimum then $1500.00 would be entered into this field.
  15. Enter Time incl. in this price. This refers to the time that the base/minimum price includes. For example, if the base minimum price is $500.00 and the client will have the room for 2 hours at this price, then 2 would be entered in the Time incl. in this price. The pricing package will calculate the cost per hour at $250.00.
  16. Select the Minimum Event Length. Utilize the pull down menu to select the appropriate length. This is least amount of time that the room is available. For example, if the room or listing is available for a 30-minute block, and the client is willing to pay to utilize the room for that minimum. The venue will meet their minimum cost or base/minimum.
  17. Select the Maximum Event Length. Utilize the pull down menu to select the appropriate length. This is maximum amount of time that the room is available. For example, the room may be available for longer than the amount included in the base/minimum price and the client wishes to book the room for entire day, or series of blocks based upon the cost per hour.
  18.  Select the Rental Increment. Utilize the pull down menu to select the increment. This determines whether the room or listing is booked in increments less than an hour.
  19. Enter the Per hour cost (Above any hours included in base price). This is the cost per hour when a client wishes to book the venue for longer than the cost included in the base/minimum price. This cost may be the hourly cost provided for in the base/minimum price per hour, or it may be a cost higher or lower than that included in the base/minimum price.
  20. Click on the check box if there are No min. number of attendees required. Sometimes venues require that there is a minimum number of attendees required in order to book out the room because they do not wish to set a number of attendees in the base/minimum price, or they price things by the head instead. In order to accommodate those venues that wish to have flexibility in their pricing, they may set that a minimum number of people must attend at a set price in order to book the venue.
  21. Click on the check box if there are No max number of attendees required. Sometimes venues have restrictions on the maximum number of people that a room or listing can hold based upon a particular pricing package. For example, the maximum capacity of a room may be 300 people, but the pricing package is for a 7 course meal and the facility cannot facilitate a 7 course meal for 300 people, but they can facilitate a 7 course meal for 200 people so they may set the maximum number of people for this pricing package at 200 vs. the maximum for the room of 300 people. Additionally, based upon the type of event that is occurring at the facility may require additional set up requirements that decreases the actual number of people that can fit into the room based upon the set up requirements, and so the venue may limit the number of people who can attend lower than the maximum capacity of the room.
  22. Click on the appropriate radial button to select Deposit at Time of Booking.  Either Percent – and enter the percentage of the amount due that you require Froomz to collect on your behalf, minus the 12% fee of the deposit amount at the time of booking. Or select amount to be collected at the time of booking, minus the 12% fee of the deposit amount at the time of booking, and enter the flat rate to be collected. Or select None (Note that users will be able to create bookings without any money up front)
  23. Click on the check box if Collect on day of event (Froomz will not collect balance). With anything other than 100% up front there could be a remaining balance. How many days in advance of the event do you require the balance to be paid? Note that if a booking is made within this many days of the event we will charge 100% up front.
  24. If the above step was utilized, select the number of days in advance that the balance is to be collected. Utilize the pull down menu for your selection.
  25. Click on the Submit button to save your work.