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Yan Heim | CEO Froomz

Yan Heim, Froomz CEO

What would a turkey do on Thanksgiving day? That was the Thanksgiving writing project my 7-year-old brought home last year.  “If I were the turkey, I’d put on web-feet and pretend that I were a duck. This way, people won’t eat me and I’d escape into the forest.”  I remembered her little story until today.

I realized that I haven’t read a book or watched a movie with my little ones for a long time. I’ve been heads down into Froomz business.  While we are delivering an outstanding operational result, the big growth is yet to come.

It’s a real tough time for all of us at Froomz. I’m thankful for those 12:00AM to 3:00AM product releases from Mike.  Based on the hours worked, it sometimes feels like we have a development team in India or China. I’m thankful that no matter what time I raise a question, at 6:00AM in the morning or 11:00PM at night, I could get an answer from Matthew or Christina within the hour.  I’m thankful for the  listing updates from Piat while she was vacationing in the Philippines, I’m also thankful that the whole team will jump on a customer inquiry on a Sunday morning to make sure that they are taken care of in a  timely manner.

On this Thanksgiving week, I have much to be thankful for.  Thank you to our advisors, families and friends who have given us unconditional support.  To Connie, who has driven hundreds of miles and produced those amazing photos for our venues.  To Rick and Glen, whom I could call on weekends or evenings for a strategy discussion.  Thank you to our Froomz friends and biggest supporters – James Lim, Tracey Rice, Mike McAllen, and Courtney McQuade. Thank you to our customers for being the early adopters and providing us with invaluable feedback.

When our minds are laser focused on our end goal, we sometimes forget about those who matter the most to us along the way. I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone in the Froomz extended community and wish you a happy turkey day.

– Yan